Author Topic: How to improve Fabric Rendering  (Read 1604 times)


i am currently working to render cloth/fabric (i am rendering a couch), using the included "pbr velvet shader" inside substance painter.

the couch that i am working on has this kind of fabric: (see photo of the real fabric)

Can anyone provide me with any tips on getting better surface detail and rendering settings?
For example, how much sub-surface scattering should i use? my current renders use 0.3 but i suspect that this might be too much.

I have been using similar methods outlined here: to try and capture the surface detail of the fabric so that i could add it to my result:

here is my graph in substance painter:

What i found so far is that when i bring my texture into substance painter i cannot quite scale it to be small enough because the max UV scale is 128. I'm hoping that if i export the substance at a smaller resolution it might help.

As you can see from the below Render, it is looking a bit waxy, i think it must be too much SSS. But i would really appreciate any tips from the community to help me increase the photo-realism and quality of this render.