Author Topic: Zbrush - retopo - Zbrush to Substance issues  (Read 674 times)

bringing a mesh with 9 million poly's is too much for Painter. But when you retopo and bring that mesh(20k polys) into Painter my baked maps for curvature, AO, etc are really low poly(obviously). Should I bring into substance a version of my model that is 20k, 150k, or 1 million polys (by lowering subdivision levels) to get the best optimized results for the initial map baking?

Second question, should I be texturing my character in Designer because of all the control you have with the nodes, then take it into painter for spot painting?

Maybe I'm doing something wrong or using the wrong smart masks, idk.

For a character I would recommend doing everything in Painter. if your fianl target is a high poly mesh, decimating it to 1 or 2 Millions polys should do the trick. The first time you load the mesh, it may take a few minutes to appear as we process it, but after that everything should run smoothly.