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I have just purchased Substance Painter 2018.1.3 on a full indie license perpetual. When I try to access source files, it says I have no downloads. In order to get access to assets, do I have to purchase a monthly subscription on top of paying for the full package? I would of presumed you would get access to assets on purchase of a full product.

Substance Source is only available through the subscription at the moment.

So I may have wasted my money buying a full license?
It seems to me, if you subscribe, you get over 12 months worth of downloads, so over 350 assets, plus access to the whole substance suite, which you can then get a perpetual license for $49. That works out about around an extra 100 quid for everything over buying a full license with no assets.
Forgive me, but it seems as if at the very least, you want to dissuade people from purchasing full licenses as there appears very little incentive to do so.

Wish I had known all this before forking out $178, it would of been more logical to go the subscription route, penny for penny it is ridiculously better value for money over the perpetual license.

EDIT: Is there a mimimum term to subscriptions? If needed, I would subscribe for 3 or 6 months at 9.90 in order to access the materials I want for Substance Painter. Not ideal, but if the mimimum is 12 or 18 months, then I guess I've lost out.
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There is no "contract" which means you can pay for a month, download the 30 materials and cancel right after.

If you'd rather go the subscription route entirely, you can also send an email to contact@allegorithmic and we can offer you a refund for the perpetual license.

Before I make my mind up, can you tell me, does the perpetual license come with any upgrades for free over the next 12 months? (From things I've read in the forum, it sounds like at least one may be in the works).  Also, on subs, do you have to be connected to the internet for it to work? Does the same apply to a perpetual license, or can that be used offline?

Both can be used offline, we just check your license once a month so you'll need to be connected at some point but not whenever you use the tool.
If you buy a perpetual license directly, you get 12 months of free updates (there is usually one major update per quarter plus several minor updates in-between, there was a major one today for SD and there will be one for SP later this month).
The perpetual license you get after 12 months of sub doesn't come with updates though, it's just the last version that was available at the time where you stopped your sub.

Thanks for the info.