Author Topic: Perpetual Upgrade Questions  (Read 1083 times)

I am a bit confused with a bit of the license. If I do one year of the Indie Suite and upgrade to a perpetual at the end, will the perpetual license be irrevocably tied to the version I pay the fee for it on? Or could I then buy another years worth in a couple of months and have the perpetual license carry over to the new versions, without having to do a second $49 payment?

Also, just to double check, the $49 upgrade is for the entire Suite (minus source), and not for each individual product in it? (So I pay one $49 fee and have Designer, Paint, and B2M perpetually?)

$49 is a one time payment for the whole suite of tools.
Once you have your perpetual license, you can at any point upgrade one of your tools for a 1 year maintenance.

For example, 3 months after getting your perpetual licenses, you can add 12 months of maintenance to your Substance Painter for $75.

Thanks Jeremie! That's honestly a better and faster answer than expected!