Author Topic: No Summer Sale this year?!  (Read 1151 times)


I want to upgrade to the latest version of painter and usually, there was a summer-sale around this time... but no discounts, yet. Do you guys not planning a sale this year? (I do not mean summer sale on steam, I mean at your own shop)

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Oh wow, must have overlooked it!
I think, the steam-summer-sale did not affect the "non-steam-bound-licenses", correct?

That´s a pitty - so no new Painter for me - the wait goes on. I was asking/looking for a sale, because not long ago, I got a survey from Allegorithmic, asking why I am not on the latest painter version...

Allegorithmic was very open about upcoming sales, updates, roadmaps and such... seems, like their politic has changed recently.
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