Author Topic: Increase Luminosity with Color  (Read 724 times)

Hello all,  I'm doing an iteration node in an FX Map and want to increase the brightness progressively with each iteration. 

In greyscale it works fine by doing $number / iterationcount in the luminosity function.  However I need a clean alpha as the edges of my pattern need to be blurred/beveled, so that poses a problem so I move onto color scale to feed in a clean alpha before beveling etc.

But in the color node, I can't get it to progressively get lighter, it mixes to where you have dark objects on top of light ones, not good for a height map. 

I tried $number / iterationcount and plugged that into the rgb values with an alpha at 1 and set the float 4 as the output.  Why won't it work the same as the grayscale where it did progressively get lighter :(

FYI I need a clean alpha per shape so I can't just grab the final alpha after everything is compiled by the FX map. 

Hey, just to make sure, could you add some screenshots, so we are sure to talk about the same thing?