Author Topic: Substance Painter 2018.1.3 Unusable due to crashes/freezes  (Read 3331 times)

First of all, I have seen the post about the latest nVidia drivers causes crashes, and I have reverted to 388.71. This has actually made the issues worse.

Substance painter has always run fine on my machine. I have a 980ti with 32 Gb's Ram, which should be plenty.

I have recently updated to 2018.1.3, and I initially noticed a frequent freeze when changing layers. I downgraded my drivers to 388.71 as per the post on the forum.

However, I am now still getting frequent crashes, usually when changing layers or adding a new material from the library, but it can happen almost any time.
Sometimes, my entire screen goes black, which seems to indicate a display driver problem. I see notifications in windows that the "display driver failed to start".

I did have the TDR popup appearing, which I ignored until now, since it wasn't causing any issues. I have now modified the registry to solve this issue, but it hasn't made any difference. I have also increased the size of my swap file, again, no difference.

I'm assuming at this point that it's an issue with Substance Painter 2018.1.3.

The substance painter log (attached) shows my driver version as 391, but I definitely did downgrade, substance painter even complains about my drivers being "outdated".

I also attached my Dxdiag log.

Have you sent any crash reports after these crashes? (did you get the crash report prompt upon restarting?

I have sent some crash reports after the most recent crashes.

I now can't open the program, change layers, or export textures without crashes.

The crash reports report this:

CRASH ADDRESS : 0x0000000019a08c00

CRASH ADDRESS : 0x0000000000000000

CRASH ADDRESS : 0x0000000000000088

Thank you, do you have any custom content in your shelf? If that's the case, could you try removing this content and see if it stops the crashes?

You mean content from Substance Share? Yes, I do have quite a lot of custom materials, etc, downloaded.

I have actually re-updated my graphics card drivers to the latest version, because I was getting instabilities in other programs. I am going to try downgrading substance painter to the last version that was stable for me, which was 2018.1. If that doesn't work, I will try removing custom content.

Thanks for your reply.

I am now using the latest nVidia graphics card drivers (398.36) with Substance Painter 2018.1. It is a lot more stable than before, but still crashes quite often.

Are the latest nVidia drivers compatible with 2018.1, or is it recommended to downgrade for this version of substance painter as well? This would cause problems for me, since older graphics card drivers cause issues with other programs that I regularly use.

When substance painter does crash, I have noticed that chrome often crases with it. I believe this is because I often have many tabs open in chrome, and it could be crashing due to memory errors. I am guessing that this is an issue with either substance painter or the graphics card drivers, since I have not noticed any issues with my system that would indicate a hardware problem (I have played games on it, and run powerful programs, etc, with no issues).

I'm hoping that I don't need to wait for either a new version of SP, or a new version of the nVidia drivers to resolve this, but it's looking like that may be the case.

This may not be relevant at all, my knowledge of graphics and rendering is fairly limited, but I am noticing some crashes from Daz3d as well, which seem very similar to the issues that I am having in substance painter. I am not noticing any crashes from any other program on my system, including graphics-intensive programs such as games, and Unity scenes, etc, etc.

The issues with Daz3D only seem to occur when I render with IRay, and doesn't substance painter use IRay as well? Could this be related to the issues?