Author Topic: Cinema4D - Substance not updating animated parameters rendering with Redshift  (Read 1643 times)


I've created a simple test shader in Substance Designer with a parameter exposed for animation.

The substance material when rendered with standard C4D renderer updates the textures when rendering the animated parameter.

When I create a Redshift material from the substance material by dragging the substance material into the material editor. (wich automaticly connects all nodes, wich is awesome), all seems to be working fine in the IPR window when scrolling manually thru the timeline.

But when hitting render this is not the case. Redshift only renders the first keyed parameter and does not update when rendering next frame.

I've looked everywhere to find some 'update' feature without succes. Guess it has something to do with updating the cache file or cachefile not being updated at all when rendering.

Anybody else having this problem? Would be awesome if I get this working or if this will be fixed in an update.

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Duplicate question in the Substance Painter section:,24685.0.html

Is it even possible to render animated substance sources?

It works fine in iClone, so it is possible.

I know that doesn't help you with Cinema4D, but at least it might provide some hope.
Good luck.
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This issue is fixed with latest release Redshift for C4D 2.6.14!

So get that update :)