Author Topic: Abilty to start a Brushstroke outside of UV Island  (Read 993 times)

The way painter's painting engine currently works is that a brushstroke always needs to start inside a uv island to register.
(center of the brushtip needs to be fully inside paintable area).

If for example you want to 'stroke' along the edge of a uv island you can't use a round brushtip and eyeball stroke the edge since often times the centre of the brushtip will move outside of the uv shell and painter stops registering the brush stroke.

I would really like if this behavior was revisited so I can start my paint stroke at any place when in the uv view. As long as parts of the brush tip touch a uv shel that part should apply paint.

Definitely need this feature!

I suppose you are working with the Tangent alignment. Try changing it to UV and see if that works for you.