Author Topic: Auto Sync Materials from the Source  (Read 1097 times)

I keep getting failures when I am downloading textures and it is a real PITA to try to go back and figure out what did not load properly.  I would LOVE to have a button I could click that would just compare my library of materials with my Source materials and load down any that are missing.  It would save time and trouble all around and help prevent duplicates.

Also, please add a "name only" or "small image with full name BESIDE the picture" and the whole thing in a simple single column list (or a double if it fits to save space).  This would make it easier to compare and also to just be able to see the whole name.  I have 10 things that start with "Gold" and while the picture icon helps, i would just like to be able to SEE the full name in one glance.

I would also like to be able to sort my materials by the date i put them in the app, if that were possible.  Then i could always find the newest ones i just put in when I go to use them instead of having to dig through hundreds of textures each time.