Author Topic: Substance Designer Material with Triplanar in UE4  (Read 2397 times)

Hello everyone! This is my first post in the allegorithmic forum. I have been developing a concrete material to be used with the Substance Plugin for UE4.19.2. The material is supposed to be able to be triplanar, so originally I set this up using the triplanar node provided in SD. That produced the results below on the right. I then fixed the inputs to be 16 bit, switched to using Froyok's Triplanar 3 position node, and even tried setting the outputs to 32bit (all of these things done based on other forum posts). I did these tests separately, and the first two fixes yielded no change from the picture below on the right. The 32 bit thing caused the engine to crash, unless I only had the normal map set to 32 bit. I also tried switching the inputs back to 8 bit after I switched to using Froyok's node and it did not fix anything. The image on the left is more or less just a comparison of how the material is supposed to look.

Also this is a picture of how I am using the triplanar node. Perhaps I am doing it wrong?

Hey, just to make sure: is your substance engine set to GPU in UE4?

Yeah it is set to GPU

I'll move your thread to UE4, so you should get some answers.

Hi @bonedead789,
Would you be able to email me your Substance so that we have a clear repro case? If not, no worries!
Thank you for this report and we will start working on a repro case. If we find any quick solutions, we will post an update.  :D

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