Author Topic: problem about setting up the project  (Read 717 times)

hello there guys, i am a modeler with Maya , but am new with substance painter, i didn't had to texture my models until i found this program .. but my problem that i saw too much tutorials and the same problem is when setting up the project (the scene) in the tutorials when they want to bake the textures they adding another file of the project like i didn't got it, i made a model so how i can have two models ? like in the tutorials they selecting the project they want to work with then when want to bake the textures in that box they adding the same project but by another name ? how is that ? !

and the other problem is i lost all the windows in my scene ! when i opened the program first time and followed a tutorial he closed all of it .. and now the tutorial is lost and don't know where is the paint brushes or smart materials or or or ... !
any tutorial for that ? any help from you ? thanks a lot


Could you attach screenshots of what you see in the UI?