Author Topic: Diana and David: Lionel Senéterre entry  (Read 5611 times)

Hi all,

I almost forgot this contest! I started my submission project 3 days before the deadline, so...
This is my firt project using Marvelous Designer (what an amazing tool!) and I am still a newbie on Substance Painter and Substance Designer (but, hey, enjoying a lot what I am learning :-D)

I lost a lot of time on some technical problems and I spend the night working on the texturing of my garnments, but I didn't manage to upload my .spp file for the submission  :'(

Too bad but it seems, regarding the many awesome submissions that I saw, that i need to keep working to improve my project!  ;D

Please find below my submission at the current state... I need to take a nap. And my poor computer too.  :o

3D hobbyist in search for a job