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Not really a Substance Designer request, but I didn't know where else to put it.

Source is amazing and it's great that you can download a sbsar or sbs to maintain the procedural workflow.
However, sometimes all I need is the texture image maps. I know I can easily make them from the sbs or sbsar files, but I'm lazy  8) . It would be convenient if I could just download a pack of images.

- Jakob

Hi Jakob,

This would make very large files, and unfortunately this would make things complicated for our users who don't have an optimal internet connection.

Also as you said if we did this you would loose all the flexibity offered by the materials, whether they are fully procedural or hybrid materials. You can make them you own by tweaking the exposed parameters of the sbsar in Substance Player so the texture you export is exactly the one that corresponds to your needs!

It is very quick to use Substance Player, and you can have a look at all the great presets created by the Substance Source team :)
PO @ Allegorithmic