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Hi all,

I'm having a hard time figuring out how to control a value in the levels node based on a color output from a color solid.

Basically I'm blending a color solid and a noise together then plugging that into the diffuse. What I'd like to have happen is that as the color value increases the levels out low also increases. The intent being that if I push white through, the influence from the noise becomes minimal.

Currently I have the color going into a pixel processor. Inside the pixel processor I am sampling the rgb values then averaging them to get the overall value. Ideally I would just plug this into the levels out low but I can't figure out how to get that to link.

I feel like I'm probably going about this all wrong so any help would be much appreciated!


Hmm...  Trying to picture what you're saying...  I might have an idea...

Insert a Blend node with your noise as the Background and the color as the Foreground, and then the Blending Mode to "Subtract."  A white color would totally subtract all the noise, while a black color would subtract nothing.  Then this "modified noise" can be plugged into the rest of your graph.

Strange things, I noticed a small typo, where I had typed "Substract" rather than "Substract."  Thn I happened to scroll down on this documentation page, and see Allegorithmic also spelled it that way.
I wonder how it's actually spelled in Substance Designer.  I will have to look more closely when I get home.

This, from Google:
"Subtract" is the word. Though the obsolete word "substract" did exist, any occurrence you see these days is most likely just a common mistake, formed by analogy either with "abstract" or with other languages whose corresponding words do have two 's's. Many recent dictionaries do not list "substract".

errors - Is "substract" (versus "subtract") a proper word? - English ...
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Saying Substract might be a side effect of being a Substance user... We type "subst" so much that trying to type the first four letters makes our brain fill in the fifth.

But on to the question... If you want to make sure an input of white noise never gets darker then an input image (levels out low style) then it sounds to me like you want to blend the input image and the noise, making sure the blending mode is set to "Screen".
You could reproduce these sorts of calculations inside Pixel Processor without too much trouble, if there's something slightly different you had in mind (like, maybe, making the input image ligher AND darker, but more subtly if the input image is lighter in color), but it sounds like screen will cover your needs

you might want to look at the save add on substance share to take some inspiration: