Author Topic: Which version introduced radial blur?  (Read 527 times)


I am experimenting with using substance designer to create organic textures, in this case eyes. A common feature in iris' is the expanding striations eminating from the pupil.

Now for a human eye this can be achived with the spatter circle, but for creature/animal eyes with a non circular pupil this wont work.

I think that the answer is to use a radial zoom blur combined with a blurred mask based on the pupil, but I cant seem to find it in my version 2017.2.3.

I realise I may have made a mistake in purchasing the perpetual liscene seeing how frequently you guys update and add new features, so if I have to return to subscription so be it.

Any help would be much apreciated, thank you :)

I think it's quite a recent addition. But there is also one on substance share which is honestly significantly better than the standard one they added.

btw, when you buy a perpetual license you do get a year worth of updates after the purchase. So I hope you're not missing out on those somehow. Also if you end up upgrading for another year it should only be roughly half the price, so keep an eye on that as well.

I made a funny one some times ago as well