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I want to learn how to create substances, download sbs files help me to understand how to create sbs files.
But in fabric substances (271 substances) only a few substances offer the possibility to download sbs files.
Before you take a subcription, you see beautifull subtances and the possibility to create also beatifull substances with all the samples you can dowload every month, but after, when you begin to download only sbsar and not sbs, you are very desappointed.
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Hey, if there is no sbs, it means that this is a scanned data Substance file (so you won't learn that much from the sbs, as it's mostly composed of scanned textures.

I have just downloaded the sbsar file :

When i look at the presets there are :
- presets with patterns,
- presets without patterns.

This is a sample where i could learn how propose to have or not pattern,
and choose a selection of patterns , but there is no sbs.

Another sbsar :
with the possibility to have a custom pattern in grey scale or not,
and no possibility to have real colors of the custom pattern choosen.

and if you want, i have others scanned substances with the possibility to learn something for a rookie as me.

Indeed: I'll propose this to the team.

Thanks you very much

Hi 3dcontacts!

On February Wes made a tutorial on how to process fabric scans in Substance Designer as the Source team does.
It is really well made and you will be able to produce hybrid materials with your own scans in no time!

(the video starts at 0:19 as it was a live video)
PO @ Allegorithmic

Thanks, ( i had already seen this video)

If i want sbs files, it is not to learn how to make scan fabrics, but all i have explained above about patterns, parameters.

I don't undersand why it is so difficult to have sbs files, are they Top secret ?

They are so many fabrics sbsar but a few sbs, I have downloaded around 60 fabrics, and i want to learn, but nobody want explain me precisely how to make an fabric sbs as ;
- synthetic_tight_weave_moire.sbsar
- check_jersey_printed
- and others fabrics

It will be so simple to send me sbs files.

It is not possible at the moment for us to put .sbs files for scanned data available to download, not because they are top secret but because they are very large files and it would slow down considerably the experience for users with a slower internet connection.

However we are aware this is a problem and are looking for a solution to make this possible for everyone!
PO @ Allegorithmic


is it possible to have from now, only one ?   for instance by wetranfer ?

patrick coudert

This is something I have also hoped would be implemented, but the size is an extremely valid point. You can get a similar overview that you would get in the graphs you mention I'm guessing, by grabbing the authoring sbs from:

Authoring .sbs is ~800MB in size  8)