Author Topic: Matching substance roughness with unity/unreal  (Read 932 times)

I was reading some post about this problem here and in unreal forum but they where about the sRGb checkbox that i have already unchecked, tried to match the lights the best i could but the diffrence is still pretty big.

So any idea of what i am missing?, No trying to get it spot on, but somewhat close so the results can be predictable.

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On your screenshots the roughness looks pretty similar, between painter, Unity and Unreal (if you look at the specular highlights on the edges, it's identical).
Most of the difference I see here is likely more due to a difference in tonmapping, whcih crushes the blacks in Unity and Unreal. If I'm not mistaken, both use AcesCG for tonemapping while Painter has no tonemap by default and is more neutral.
We will likely ship Painter with similar tonemapping options in the future to match the engines more closely.

Oh yeah, that was the problem, without the tonemapping it looks almost the same. Thank you!