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Hello !

I'd like to create a substance for texturing the a Zangief-like model. I'm wondering about the best course of action:
  • Either, create a substance that would respond to the model height and normal maps, in order to control veins positions
  • Or create a skin substance, and then paint veins and scars manually

First approach seems heavier, but could potentially be used for other characters, right ? What do you think ? Any leads ?

Thanks a lot !

I would manually place scars and veins. Veins often have anatomically logical places and directions (like the ones following the length of his arms). And you probably want some control over where scars go as well, since they may look weird appearing on his face or hands for instance.


I think you can try to play with your brush settings inside of Painter. I gave it a try by adjusting the Size / flow jitter :

I worked with a default rounded alpha, but I think you can get a pretty good result by working with a custom alpha.  :)
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Very nice ! Did you use a smart material for the not-scars part ?

I can't remember, I think it was a default skin material !  :)

For sure it was a default material or smart material
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