Author Topic: About symmetry  (Read 3050 times)

Substance Painter 2018.1.0 version ,

1. If Iwant to make some symmetry Painting inthe gun,
2. Axis coordinate  Completely at the gun center.
3.but Substance Painter symmetry depending on the central position of the entire model,not the model Axis coordinate.
4.Only because of this small Mesh can not be Accurate symmetry!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope the next version will improve this feature, for example
Add options:  symmetry depending on model Axis coordinate!!!!!!!!!!

Indeed today the symmetry is based off the bounding box of the object. We plan on letting you move the symmtry plane in the future.

Just replying because I have seen this is a feature to be implement on the software for almost 3 years and is incredible useful specially if you work with several objects at a time, is there a definitive date on it??

Very very soon.

Very very soon.

@AirmanCS - Since you're new here, I'll translate that for you.  It's trademarked, vague, secret code used by Allegorithmic.  It means, "Soon."

With the "very very" attached to the front of it, you can be assured that it actually means, "soon."   :D   8)
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