Author Topic: Glossiness Export bugged in 2018.1.2?  (Read 301 times)

I can't get the Glossiness channel to export. I am getting crazy.
The following error message is shown on export:

The input map 'Glossiness' needed by the map 'Test_SpecularGlossiness' of the texture set 'DefaultMaterial' isn't available because: 'Glossiness' channel is missing in your texture set.

  • I created a project with the Specular preset.
  • I have a glossiness channel. I can even select and see the contents in the viewport when flipping through channels with 'C'. (also see screenshot below)
  • I created an export preset that is not converting from metalness but is using the original channels like Glossiness (see screenshot).
  • I also tested is with the built-in preset 'PBR SpecGloss'.
  • I even deleted the Glossiness channel in the Texture Settings and added it again. Still the same ...

But I also always get the error message that Glossiness is not existing!?

Hi, any way you could share this project with us?