Author Topic: apreal creation contest ,my current status  (Read 6080 times)

Seams i'm bit late for this.
First time I'm using marvelous designer, But will try to submit final image before contest ends.

Final update on marvelous designer.

I have created this artwork only by using these 3 software s. non other software s are not used on this process. all clothes and accessories are created using marvelous designer and all the textures created in substance designer and painter.

Have got Nice experience with this contest although i have joined it lately. But I'll try to get to know these 3 software more.
of cause they all are really awesome software s although substance designer is the best texture creation software i have used.
I'm a retoucher, But after participating this contest i fell in love with texture creation process.
will study further these software s n future.

And thanks to this contest organizers for giving us this opportunity.

some textures created on designer.