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Hi everyone :)
I chose to work with Diana.
I wanted to incorporate motifs from ancient Roman(Greek) mythology, yet with a twist.

Since the goddess Diana was always associated with wild animals, I decided to recreate Diana as a modern-day university student who is concerned about endangered animals and actively participates in her school's animal protection club :)

This is my initial concept and some references images that I used

Started off with modeling the tennis apparel in Marvelous Designer!

And then created the varsity jacket to go over them
(It's not in this screenshot but I later added the patch on her right arm in MD as well)

First stages of texturing! At this stage I was trying to get the basic materials for each garment. I also modeled some zippers in maya and brought them over. I initially tried the zipper feature in Marvelous Designer but after some trial and error, decided to create them in mesh rather than with textures :)

Afterwards I also modeled the buttons and shoes in Maya and brought them over

And then the highlight of the texturing process! (The part I enjoyed the most anyway)
When I was in university everyone had patches on their varsity jackets to represent which department/club etc they were in and some people got pretty creative with their varsity jacket designs :)
I really wanted to try and recreate the look of the patches in 3D.
I made a simple tool in Substance Painter to paint the embroidery lines on the edges

And here is my final render :)

The free render (Diana going out to save the animals!)

and my additional renders

There were some more props I had planned to add but never got to because I was a bit pushed for time
But I really enjoyed developing the ideas and working on this project!
And I definitely enjoyed using the amazing programs as well :)
A big thank you to Allegorithmic and Marvelous Designer for such an exciting contest!
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