Author Topic: Pixelated results using custom Substance Designer filter on Painter  (Read 1709 times)

Hi guys!
Hope you can helpme. I am trying to do a custom filter on Substance Designer and when I use it on Painter the result looks like pixelated and don't know why.
In the Substance Design graph I use 4 inputs, curvature, normal, position and world space normal and I got 3 outputs, basecolor, normal and height. Their usage attributes are correct and the output size of the graph is relative to parent.

The graph:

This is the result of my graph in Substance Designer:

This is the result of the custom filter in Substance Painter:

Thank you
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Can you post screenshots of the graph and results you are getting?

Post updated.

Thank you

When using the triplanar node, make sure your input images are in 16 bits and that the cossesponding input nodes are also set to 16 bit format in your graph.

Thank you Jeremie

I did it and it fixed a bit but still like pixelated. I tried all configurations (16 bits per channel, HDR 16f, 32f) on the input nodes and still doing it.

This is the Designer image:

how do i deactivate

The Painter result:

how do i deactivate

I have to say that I don't know if the maps baked on Painter are 8, 16 or 32 bits ( i think they should be like the bakes on designer)

Thank you for your help

Could you post the sbs file?

The culprit here is the Blur HQ Grayscale after your triplanar. Its format is set to Relative to Parent instead of Relative to Input, so it inherits the bit depth of your graph, which is 8bits.

Thank you very much Jeremie, it works now.