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I'm the guy who asks the stupid questions :-P

So 90% saving wow

I did a very very rough test mainly to make sure I was using and understanding the software correctly and to see what the savings are and if there was any performance reduction.

So I created 10 roads in unity 20 long and 1 wide each with a different texture bumped diffuse or bumped specular . using 512px textures and normals.

Put a first person controller in the scene and had a look around to see how the textures look as they went off into the distance. Also made a note of the Stats

Then repeated the process with substances

Build and compare the project data size.

I did that
The old project Data is 33.2mb and the new substance project Data is 28.7mb which is 8% smaller.

This is what I'm thinking:
If the project was using normal, AO specular, bump, height etc. and you swap to using substance then you get the big savings. But if you're only using Diffuse and perhaps normal maps then the saving is much lower than 90%, does that sound right?

I'm not complaining !!
I'm happy, even if I remove the normals and just have diffuse shader the none substance project is still 1mb bigger. and the performance is about the same.

I'm thinking I'm better off using substances for everything, because I get all the wonderful benefits and the project will be a little smaller and the performance is about the same.

Does that sound about right to you guys?



Substances can help you same space ONLY on the textures, not on the whole project. And the more procedural are your substances, the more you save.
It's pretty easy actually: a substance which is 10ko is way smaller than a 1k bitmap of 500 ko (for example). And now if you add normal, specular, etc. maps, the substance file will remain the same whereas the bitmap files would increase the size of your game.

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Is there any documentation on this?  Would love to read more about it.  The texture savings and its methods.