Author Topic: [SOLVED AND USELESS] ATLANTIS TECH DEMO : error on install  (Read 2326 times)

Hey guys,
I tried to take a look at the UE4 Atlantic demo but it failed at the install:

"Not a valid Win32 application"

I run won win7 64bits

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Hi Vincent,

We tried the demo on several computers and didn't get this error so it's pretty difficult to give you an answer about it : )
It seems to be a problem with the demo datas, can you please try to re-download/install the demo to see if it solves the problem? Thanks.
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Ok fixed,

for some reason, when I intempted to download the first time, the exe was 12,5ko while I got the big functional exe right now...

Now it's working (useless post)

No problem, glad it works.
Lead technical artist