Author Topic: substance painter updata 2018.1.2 on crashing when I saved file  (Read 1765 times)

This morning I updataed substance painter 2018.1.2
when I ctr+s save file,substance painter was crash and log didn't display what happen.

After a crash like this, find the log (
and post it here.

After crashed, another file appears in the original file folder.
Suppose my original file name is sm40_1007_door and a sm40_1007_door. file will appear in the same folder after crashed.

The current 2018.2 seems to be unstable. I want to use it back to 2018.1 but I already use a high version to overwrite files. Is there any way to use 2018.2 files or 2018.2 smart materials on 2018.1?"

Same Issue, extra files and all.

This means the save process didn't complete properly (obviously), the extra file comes from the fact that we now create a copy during the save in case the save goes wrong so that you don't lose your data to a corrupted save.
Before saving, could you follow this procedure to see if there is any corrupted resource in your project?

I have tried this way but it cannot be solved
The only way to solve this problem is to revert to 2018.1 for now

getting same issue

We identified and fixed the issue, we will soon release a new update that fixes it and other more minor issues that have been reported with 2018.1.2