Author Topic: Maya Faces are broken, and mixed when I load them into Substance painter.  (Read 1968 times)

Good day:

I'm really new to Substance Painter so I assume it's something that I'm doing wrong (or at least I hope it is), but for some reason when I load the .fbx files into substance painter for some space ships I've been building the faces are broken and overlapping. This causes the paint to have strange cracks and lines in them. Also some of the particle effects cause huge blurred colour changes as the faces seem to overlap and connect in strange ways. I've attached an example. i used one fill layer with the red paint material, and another layer with two straight default brush strokes across the body of the model. I can't figure out why it is displaying like this. Any help is appreciated.

So to anyone who stumbles across this post, I figured it out after a game of ping pong... I created a UV map in maya before reexporting and the issue was corrected.

Hope this is helpful for any other 3d newbs.