Author Topic: Tooltips, TextFields, and UI Style Update  (Read 2293 times)

I'm trying to figure out how to get tooltip sub-elements working on some of my widgets, and I noticed that the channel TextFields already do what I want (user channels with custom name labels, whose hovered tooltips display the channel assignment), and of course they have hovered states / styles.

Does this mean the ui update should provide support for qml TextFields via AlgTextFields soon?

An on that note, is the new ui style going to be available to the plugin API soon?

Also, while I can sort of get tooltips working for some things with custom mouse areas.. they aren't styled according to the AlgStyle.

Is there an AlgTooltip widget planned? of even better, tooltip properties on existing AlgWidgets?

I see the new AlgToolTipArea widget in the 2018.1.2 update, however when I try to make it a child item, I'm getting the following error. Are there any example usages anywhere for the new widget?

[Script] dock.qml:342:25: Invalid attached object assignment

I also see that most widgets have a tooltip property now, so that is awesome!  8)

I will try to reproduce your log issue, for now I can just add a small example of the new AlgToolTipArea widget.

Code: [Select]
import AlgWidgets 2.0
import QtQuick 2.7

Rectangle {
  id: root
  width: 100
  height: 100

    anchors.fill: root
    tooltip: "hello world"