Author Topic: Need some help with height of painted wood  (Read 795 times)

Hey guys, I'm pretty new to Substance Designer and at the moment I try to build some graphs with the reference of some ingame shots of several games.

Recently I came across some red painted wood in Assassins Creed Unity and my goal is to achieve a similar look.

Here is my reference board:

After hours of trial and error I could not find a good starting point for the height information. As seen in images 3 and 4 there are these many little bumps. I tried to achieve them with Blac & White Spots and Levels and even with custom shapes but every result looked just so bad:

Then I saw that the paint is also kind of dripping down as you can see in image 6 towards the bottom.

So my question is what would be your approach to achieve these really interesting sections like in the center of image 5?