Author Topic: Rendering substances with the same quality as Source substances samples  (Read 1225 times)

Can you explain with what software and what settings you render samples you use in Source samples ?

Is it Substance player ?
Is it substance designer ?
Is it substance Painter ?
Is it B2M ?
or else ?

to have tesselation and iridescent effects really visible .

(with B2M, i may tesselation active, but for iridescent ????)
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I think I'm right in saying they render using nVidia iRay Render Engine.

And they probably leverage nVidia MDL Shaders to get effects like iridescence.
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Hello, Is it possible to have an answer from the staff please ?

Hi 3dcontacts,

We use iRay and a "classic" PBR shader for most of the material renders.
For the ones with custom MDL some effects are added with specific MDLs, still in iRay.

It is possible to reproduce the same renders in Substance Designer for example, and in Substance Painter for the materials without custom MDL.
PO @ Allegorithmic

Thanks- I will try