Author Topic: No valid license available from this account.  (Read 3513 times)

I'm a paid subscriber, directly emailed you guys through the contact form to no response, but apparently everything is done through the forums so here I am.

everytime I try to log in to my software it says that I do not have a license. I'm paying monthly for the indie license. all three ways to authenticate product fails, even license files don't so what gives?

when it does work, it gives me a 30 day trial (which to the one I use the most, substance painter 2, just ended so I'm at a standstill with work). any help on this issue is appreciated.

Hi, the way to go for licensing issues is through the contact form indeed.
Although this week is our company wide annual global gathering so support may be slower than usual, we apologize and will come back to you asap.

I am also having the same issue for both Designer and Painter. It says on the site that my licenses are valid but when I try to activate my licenses in the software, it says that there is no valid license for this account.

Please send an email to

Having the exact same problem here. Send a mail and was asked to post a few screenshots of the application + error messages. Did that yesterday and since then silence.

Same error here as well.    :(

I too have been having this issue.. i sent off an email...with screenshots

i had the same , but i downloaded my lic from the download page and activated over the lic file that worked


We made some changes in the activation system for security purpose, and this unfortunately led to this wrong message when trying to activate the software.

The easy way to fix it is to erase your email/password on the activation screen, and type them again.
If that doesn't solve it, the next step is to change your password of your Allegorithmic account.

Head of Product Management

Whew!!.. thank you!

Man I wish you guys would get your shit together on this.... its so frustrating!

I mean you send an email conformation with a license key, but there is no way to use it during activation?

License file, nor online activation works... your system sucks!

sorry to be jerky about this, but when are you guys going to address this, for good?
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