Author Topic: Diana & David: Massimo Caggese entry  (Read 7412 times)

Hi guys! I'm a bit late in posting my entry in this forum, but here I am  :D
I decided to work on the David model in a "hippie" version: the concept is quite simple with bell-bottoms jeans and shirt plus a leather fringed vest  ;D the model will hold in hands a peace flag also.

...and this is my pose test...I added a bit of wind effect to emphasize the fringes and the the flag behind.
It's a really funny contest!  ;D

Wonderful job, dude!! Very amazing! Looking forward to see the final result!!

Well deadline is coming and I'm starting to set the materials for my contest entry.
I started with the denim trousers. The base material is the SubstanceSource "Jeans Fabric" and then I worked on some edge weathering.
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Here's a close-up of the shirt material. Really like the see-through effect :D
Thanks guys for this contest that is giving the chance to explore the textile world (both modeling and texturing) much more deeper!

Well...I call it done :) This is my HIPPIE DAVID!
Hope you like it!
Had so much fun joining this contest! I think I will go deeper in using MarvelousDesigner!

A close-up from my entry to focus on the denim and the leather materials.
Hope you like it ^_^