Author Topic: New to SP... How does the Houdini workflow actually work?  (Read 2012 times)

I went over to the Houdini workflow page in the docs and it links to the same video that's on the products page. There is absolutely no written docs on this that I can find. It's just the same silent movie video that doesn't explain very much. So here my situation for anybody that knows how this works:

How do I get my assets into Houdini from Substance Painter. I've installed the Houdini plugin, I load it up BUT it asks for a .sbar file.

How do I get a .sbar file from Substance Painter?

Is there any place that I can actually read or watch a tutorial (with words, not silent movie) on how this integration would work.

Thank you

The integration is meant to load substances from Substance Designer.When working with Substance painter, all you have to do is export textures using the Roughness/Metallic format and plug them in a material in Houdini, no need to go through the plugin.

Got it. Thank you.

Follow up: So if I load them manually, how do I know the settings for them? Was under the impression that the plugin loaded up the tex in a shader and set the parameters for you.

Am I misunderstanding something?

Thank you.