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Recently bought the timber substance pack. Very nice though i was wondering how can i make a texture for american oak timber?
Be nice if i could add the texture and generate the timber flooring, though there is no place on the nodes to accommodate a bitmap.
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I know this is not the biggest image, but maybe this helpos you to get an idea:

Thanks for this though a bit hard to see

I don't know whats included in the timber pack or what platform you are using. But there is a free Parquet asset available for Unity that accepts an image file. And the on the hub has 8 or 10 different wood substances to choose from, you could easily switch one out for an image.

Thanks Bryan i haven't seen this one and i don't use unity, you think it would be in the timber pack i bought.


When i placed the wood texture i found seams, (see red arrows)
How do i eliminate this?

This is probably because your initial wood texture is not seamless, I would recommend using Substance Designer or any other bitmap editing software (photoshop, gimp) to get rid of the seams before using the image as input for the parquet.

Thanks Jeremie, works fine now

MakeItTile + MakeItAParquet combo should do the trick. :)
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