Author Topic: Possible to use a material on two parts in an object?  (Read 456 times)

I have an airplane cockpit I've modeled in blender for X-Plane...In order to have some different settings that are applied to materials, some of the knobs needed to have a duplicate material applied (I duplicated a material, adding .001 to the name of it, but using same textures). Is there a way to somehow merge the objects in substance painter so they can both use the same material in substance painter?  You can see in the screenshot I have a Cockpit_A and a Cockpit_A.001 that I need to be the same in substanc epainter because they use the same UV space and texture images. This is a new change to my model, so I'm trying to recover from this change...any ideas?

I might be struggling a little with your terminology.
When you say "duplicate material," are meaning it is a variation on a theme?  Not an identical material?

If it is "mostly the same," I think you might be able to use an INSTANCE of a layer, which will apply your base work to multiple texture sets, and then you could make unique overlays to it (such as extra scratches, decals, etc.).

If I'm misunderstanding you, please try again, and be sure to type slowly; I'm a slow reader.   ???
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You can't just assign the same material to the objects that use the same texture map in Blender and then re-import into Painter? Painter can't use the material settings anyway, it only reads which materials are assigned to which objects.

Or use instancing as justaviking suggested.