Author Topic: Custom Substance Effects Problem: created in Designer/ brought into Painter  (Read 10597 times)


I experimented a bit to get a Mask Substance and this minimal setup works (sbs and sbsar are attached).

hey, this works really well, but would you happen to know how to add in another image input, like how the mg_dirt uses curvature and ambient occlusion maps? I've tried all sorts of naming conventions, but nothing seems to work. Thanks!



like Wes mentioned you have to create an input node with the correct
  • name (curvature for example)
  • type (for curvature a grayscale image input node)
  • and no usage information

I have attached an updated version of the SimpleMask substance (take a look at the
SimpleMaskAndCurvature graph)

Have fun :)

thanks cl, this is exactly what I needed!

Hey guys, I know this topic was dead for last 5 years  ;D , but I still think that it would be better to ask my question here.
So here is the question: I want to convert information from my specular channel into mask. But it doesnt work in any ways that I have tried. What I mean is that I want to take information from Specular channel from all of layers underneath and convert it into mask. Is it possible?
Thank you!