Author Topic: inconsistency with PBR albedo safe color and PBR basecolor validate nodes  (Read 1621 times)

Hi, I've been having some issues using the PBR albedo safe color and the PBR basecolor metallic validate nodes lately.

As you can see in the next example, the safe color node modifies the albedo when the validate node shows 100% green result, meaning there shouldn't theoretically be a change.

It seems that the issue only happens when one of the RGB channels goes below 30 sRGB yet the median value of the 3 channels sRGB value doesn't.
Shouldn't the safe color node not modify the values as long as the overall sRGB value doesn't dip under 30 sRGB?


I just checked inside the node and found the input colors get converted to greyscale through a grayscale converter with these values

They nicely add up to one, but clearly different colors are treated differently. I'm guessing they're weighted to better match perceived color by the eye.

Ah thanks, I guess that explains why the problem mostly crops up on muddy ground textures.