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Material input call node

It would give the ability to call up SBSAR files.  The node would register in the player with a file finding input exactly like the regular input node except it would only search and load SBSAR files.

This gives the ability to create stackable materials in the player that can input SBSAR files as layers acting much like substance painter except the functionality is simplified and less heavy with the ability to customize exposed parameters and adjust them in the player for final maps. The substance player becomes a compositor.

For instance if you plug this node (with albedo, norm, roughness, AO outputs) into material height blend nodes and set up 10 sets you would have 10 file search inputs with blend capabilities set up. then of course we could expose what ever we wanted per set for use in the player.
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This would be amazing.

It's possible to do this (sort of) using substance batch tools - but it's clunky, obtuse, and confusing.  This suggestion would make layered material workflows much more elegant.