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Hey what's up everybody, I'm late to the party.  Seeing the deadline is in a little more than 3 weeks, I really have to get cracking on this on.  My theme - Art History meets Urban Survival.

So the statue of David immediately brings to mind The Renaissance, master paintings and sculptures.  I thought it might be interesting  to play with volume, folds, drapery, as well as the mood and color palette of chiaroscuro paintings of Caravaggio, Rembrandt, De La Croix and others.

The suitable garment could be oversizd jacket, trench coat, or rain jacket.  I decided the poncho has functional and stylistic relevance.  A few excellent urban-tech wear brands such as Acronym have developed styles for the poncho.  The layered defense against the elements idea can be further expanded by the aesthetic of medieval armors and padded protection.  Hopefully, I can arrive at a contemporary look inspired by the historical past.

An obvious and sensible approach is to adopt tech-wear style with contemporary material, but for this project, I kind of just want to stick to art history influences, and to minimize on tech.  So the look I have in mind is a base layer, baggy pants, armor vest, and poncho.  Please see quick studies and boards. 

Base Layer - simple and basic; Merino wool.

Pants - period fabric with a bit of articulated patterning.  Oh yes, the sketch doesn't show it, but I am leaning towards the idea of the leg bind because I like the tappered jogger pants look.  I think maybe cool to detail it with silicon gripper, micro-injection grab tab, and velcro and such.

Vest - think of the sketch as a placeholder image for now.  It's the least developed idea here, but basically this is our protection/armor inspired piece.  I know I want to work with geometric features, and I'm thinking about the D3O padding in NFL jerseys.  Last I heard, they were developing material technology that can be molded and fused with non-woven fabric.  Seems like a geometric surface relief could be interesting.  But in MD, I've never tried forming fabric around a static mesh, so we will see how that goes.

Poncho - period fabric like wool.  (Hot, I know.)  Dark color exterior, and deep rich inner lining.   

Ok, so now fun is over, let the pain begin.  This weekend, I will get to work in MD.  I fully anticipate all kinds of trouble simming layers of fabric.  Will keep you posted.   

Completed the base layer and most of the pants over the weekend.  I was eager to jump on fleshing out the vest concept because I suspect developing it would be my biggest challenge.  I roughly built out a vest as a raw canvas to take into Substance and texture bomb the hell out of it.  Quite pleased with some of the looks, please see attached.

I also tried to shrink-wrap fabric around static objects that I brought into MD.  Even with negative pressure, I can't seem to get the results I hope to achieve.  I'm uploading some screen-shots for some of you that might be experimenting with similar ideas.

Hi,LittleEiffel! I did not understand what the problem was about. To tightly adhere the tissue, pressure is not necessary. It is enough to mass-scale the smaller clothes.
I even reduced the skin offset of the avatar

For the sake of experiment, even included negative pressure parameters.
The garment also behaves normally.)

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Hi Zhanart, I was trying to determine the best way to build out the design of the vest.  I was curious to see how well fabric would conform to low relief geometric surfaces, especially objects with sharp edges.  I had never tried this approach before.  Attached is a screenshot of the imported objects underneath the shirt.

Alright!  Finally get a chance to work on this project yesterday.  80% of Marvelous work is complete.  I probably will spend at least half a day fussing over the final form, and detailing trims, stitches, piping and such, before firing up Substance.

I didn't quite like the look of the pants with the leg straps.  I'm better off sticking to jogger style articulated patterning.

Biggest challenge is still the vest, but after messing around with several ideas, I feel pretty solid about the next step forward. 

Since last night, I've been unable to attach and post WIP images to this thread.  I hope to get it sorted soon.

ok, I'm not sure but it looks like there's a limit to how many images can be attached in a single reply..


oops..wrong files

Glad to be done with MD phase.  Just setting things up for texture painting this weekend.  A couple of screen shots of the work so far. 

I haven't got time to model shoes, so I'm just going to use a pair of runners from Fuse/Mixamo standard content.  Hope this does not violate rules.

Wow crazy, I'm literally down to my last day.  For the sexy shot, I wanted to compose the render in style of old school
chiaroscuro painting to be consistent with the project theme.  I was originally thinking to setup interior lighting outside of Substance, and after reading up on the pages in Q&A thread, come to realize doing so would violate the rules. 

This turns out to be a blessing in disguise.  I discovered the emissive shader in Substance Painter could be a workaround for this project.  So all day today, I played around with different ways of lighting the scene with emissive material.  It was a lot of experimentation and back-n-forth.  Finding that lighting sweet spot isn't easy with this workflow.  I hope a little bit of post-processing in photoshop is acceptable? 

I still have bit of stuff to work on tomorrow before wrapping up.  Meanwhile, I'm uploading a few lighting test renders.

Dear friends, I am in serious trouble.  Up until now, I've been working with my old Substance Painter 2.  Everything fine up til this morning when inexplicably, SP2 crashed several times with Texture Authoring Tool issue.  (See screenshot.)  The reason I avoided the latest version is that I have a pretty old system, and I wasn't sure if it's compatible with SP 2018.  I downloaded and installed the latest trial version.  Just as I thought, my system cannot handle the new version.  Even worse, I suspect the install modified the old copy of Substance Painter somehow and removed my pre-existing license. 

I do not have a way out of this at the moment, and today is the deadline.  In case I do not complete this project, it has been a real pleasure checking out the fantastic work on this forum, and it has been a real pleasure working along side of you.  Good luck to you all.

oh im so sorry to hear that ,did u already change ur gpu tdr,maybe can fix it.

No, I went to walk my dog instead.  Ha..  Thanks for the suggestion.  I will take a crack at it.

Can you try posting a log file?
You should be able to easily go back to 2.6.2 by either downloading the license file in your account o simply logging using your allegorithmic account.