Author Topic: Normal map baking problems.  (Read 951 times)

I am having trouble getting artifact-free bakes in my latest bakes. I am baking a high-poly object with a bevel onto a low-poly object. Problem is, that everywhere there isn't a seam I get artifacts on the edges that are supposed to be beveled.

Here is a demonstration:

I know of two ways of fixing the problem, both of which I find unsatisfactory. The first is to have a seam on every edge that is set to be beveled. I don't like this because it makes a mess of my UV layout and I want to have as few seams as possible. An idea that just popped in my head is to mark those edges as seams and unwrap but the position of the islands is the same, as if they had not been cut. Is this possible?

The other solution involves adding a destructive bevel to those edges but I really don't like this because it adds extra precious geometry.

Are these the only solutions? I would really appreciate a solution to this but I would also appreciate an explanation to why this happens because on one of my other models none of this happened, where technically (at least from my POV) it should have happened. Here is what I am talking about:

Why didn't it happen in this case? Is there a technical explanation for this?

Thank you!