Author Topic: SP crashes on version 2018.1.1 when stenciled  (Read 662 times)

Hi fellas,
i had some chats in the past with you guys,since then everything worked good.
Today i needed to paint something and experienced a strange behaviour in my project.

as soon as i want to project some textures /stencils in project mode SP stalls.
I cant attach a log,as i wont get none.

my hardware is a I7 7700k + nvidia 1070 + 32gb ram.on a M2HDD!

never ever had problems to stencil anything in the past..ever.

Info that might be important :
-i have the PBR shader with alpha chosen.
-latest nvidia experience driver.

You should still be able to find a log file...

See the "Log File" link in my signature, and it will lead you do a page with instructions for getting log files even when it crashes.
Common "Help" suggestions:
- LOG FILE tips -,22451.0.html
- LICENSING issues
- ATTACH files and pictures to posts:,23670.0.html