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hi guys , i,m going to use Diana, cause i come from china, so i want try something with chinese element fabric .like silk should be cool, so i decided make a chinese dress , Qipao ,and add some   noun patterns,and i also have some idea let this woman hold a umbrella, it should be more chinese stly ,but she already have a bow in her hand  and rules dont allow me to change the model,so.......
here is a test with default avatar, hope u guys like it.

paynim read carefully

I must of missed it about the bow and arrow part as I been trying to find out if we can remove it, thanks for showing this...

paynim read carefully

:D :D,hi,thanks for your good news .it,s huge help for me . i must say chinese version rule miss this one .

Your idea for the character with qipao dress is what I really want. Thanks for such a nice design. In my opinion, qipao, or what others call 'cheongsam', adds extra charm to a woman and makes her look sexy and elegant.
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