Author Topic: How to apply glow on fill image ?  (Read 529 times)


I am trying to apply the glow filter to an alpha mask but seems like I am doing something wrong.

Here are the steps:

1. create a fill layer with a solid color.
2. Apply back mask.
3. Add fill layer in the mask.
4. Add the arrow alpha mask from the shelf

Now I have a solid color arrow on top of my base layer. But now, when I apply the glow filter to the solid layer or even the mask layer, it doesn't do anything.

How can I achieve this?


The glow is based off the opacity of the layer, so it won't work with a masked fill layer, you would need to paint the arrow on the layer directly.

i've yet to EVER get this to work. why it doesn't work with a mask/cant for the life of me figure it drives me insane. i want a 'photoshop precise' type filter SO GD BAD.