Author Topic: Tile-able Stone tile from Photo reference  (Read 906 times)

Hi, I am  complete beginner with Substance Designer and I'm really struggling to make a tile-able substance material.

I have been given a reference photo of a stone tile.

My client wants me to make a tile-able stone floor. I cropped the photo in Photoshop to 3k, then exported as a TGA file.

I took the TGA cropped photo into B2M, where I tried to take out the lighting information using Slope based approach, but it doesnt work very well and lighting info is still there. I then exported the diffuse map and used that bitmap as the color in Substance Designer.

In substance designer I tried tiling using a Tile Generator and watching loads of Tutorials tried to randomize the tile and get the grout going, but it looks really bad. Substance Graph.

How do I make this tile look like the real thing? My client has many more of these tiles and now I dont know if I can pull this off. Please can anybody help if possible or point me to some good tutorials on this subject.

this is the first video of a tutorial series about creating tiles in substance designer, hope it helps:

if you want to use photo textures inside of substance designer, make sure to have enough images to avoid repetition.

here is a good resource for photo textures:

good luck


Thanks for the reply and feedback. I have followed all those tutorials. I think the problem is my photo reference. I cannot get the lighting info out. Please have a look at my Substance Graph. (what is the best way to post my substance graph on this forum? Might be too small to read?). I also posted pics of the final Stone material in Ue4.

Any suggestions or help would be great. Thanks.

it's hard to tell from these images, what your problem is

if you map your texture to a rounded cube, the material is easier to read

the graph makes sense, but I am missing variation in the grout (depending how realistic vs. clean it's supposed to look)

the albedo seems very dark to me

Thanks for the feedback.

So you think I should brighten the Albedo with a levels  node? Yeah, the grout is too clean, whats the best way to make it a bit rougher?

I also exposed the the grout color node, but in Unreal Engine when I changed the grout color, the whole tile change color, any idea where I went wrong there?

Also when you say map your texture to a rounded cube, how would I go about doing that?

I think the problem could also be the bitmap photo reference. I wanted to actually try make this material from scratch without using the photo reference in the graph, but I'm not that skilled yet at Substance to do that.

Thanks again for the help, it is very much appreciated.

in Substance Designer, you have some meshes, the rounded cube is the default mesh, so in the 3D view you should see it, if you launch designer
in the 3D view window, under the "scene" menu, you can choose different primitives

breaking up the uniform grout colour is as simple as using any kind of noise/grunge map

I would also create the material from scratch. take your time, if you are new to the software, this is the learning process