Author Topic: Max 2019 - Substance painter doesn't show up  (Read 2793 times)

I just purchased Max 2019 and wanted to try out substances.  I installed the substance plugin for 2018/2019  but when I run max there is no substance menu item, or anything to do with substance in the interface or materials editor for it.  Does the plugin work with the newest version of max?


Same thing here,


1. The first time I installed the plugin - it did not show up...  until after 10 minutes after installing (weird)
I was trying to load substances - nothing more

- generated a few Vray materials (half of them fails, leaving blank Vraymlt)
- then Max crashed (no surprise here), no sign of plugin after reloading max

2. Tried to reinstall both plugins (18 and 19), max19 renders a warning (wrong plugin ver #18 in the /plugins/ folder)

3. uninstalled/ reinstalled only for 19 this time -  nothing works O-o

Guess we need v1.01