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How do I get more materials form Source into 3ds max 2107. I can download a free material and copy and paste it into my substance folder but when I try to apply the material to an object I get an error message. Don't want to subscribe if I cannot get more materials with 3ds max 2017.

Hi Kiyfisto,

At the start of this tutorial about Substance in 3ds Max you have a step by step explanation on how to use Substance Source with 3ds max, and how to use the Substance materials in the software once you have downloaded them.

PO @ Allegorithmic

Thats ok for Max 2018 but as stated I have Max 2017. I only have the substance 1 node in slate editor. When I click on 'Get substance from market place i get 'The requested page "/products/substance-database" could not be found.' messgae so as staed I cannot download any more substance materials from source please can you help

Hey @Kiyfisto ,

Have you checked out this thread,14223.0.html ? Since the 2017 Integrated Substance plugin is considered Legacy at this point, the Substance Updater (located for download at the bottom of the main post) needs to be ran to use the more recent Source Substances in the old plugin.

Regarding the 'Get Substances from Marketplace" option, that is also legacy and points to an old outdated web page.

Thanks for the reply all working fine except the marketplace button directs to an out of date website. Is there a way around this as I would really like to subscribe to substance Source but don’t want to risk it if I can’t use it. Can’t afford  to buy 3ds max 2018

You can always export bitmaps from Substance to use in 3ds max. That's what everyone did before this plugin was released for 2018+