Author Topic: SBS Mutator not able to find paramaters  (Read 1458 times)

Hi all,

I posted this on Discord, but has anyone hit an issue where SBSMutator says it can't find input parameter with a given name, even when the parameter clearly exists?
I've tried renaming all my parameters in different combinations and I can't find any consistent pattern that creates the error. I even deleted all the params in my sbs and recreated them, still no luck.  It's driving me mad.

Here is a screenshot showing the identifier name is the same in the sbs, and the python script. Its only some params that it can't find - the params it says it can't find are clearly there(edited)

Any help would be really appreciated, thank you

Have you tried `sbsmutator info --print-input-parameters` to see if it detects parameters at all ?