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Hey everyone!

So I'm trying to create a wall texture for a shanty town for a game i'm working on and I'm having trouble stacking the shapes on top of each other to create a layered effect. I tried using a tile sampler but only ended up with kinda muddy edges and the rivets from the under shape popping up through the top shape

So I tried to use the color tile sampler node and got better results, but the edges seemed to cut into each other and are creating weird seams instead of looking like they are on top of or below.


i ended up using an height blend and combining two of them, but its still a little janky looking.


can anybody help me with this predicament?? I'm also running into the same issue for creating a coin pile and I feel like they might be in a similar vein. ill try and attach the file to the post as well
Thanks all!

Although it is frustrating you, I thought the last image looked pretty good.  Since this is for a game, and not a static piece of artwork, I don't think the issue your struggling with will be noticed.

At the risk of adding to your woes, I think your more serious problem is the "creases" that run across tiles.  My two-cents is to fix the cross-tile creases and then call it done.

However, I know someone posted about the "coin" issue, so maybe some forum searching can dig that up.  Hopefully it got solved.

Good luck.

I searched for "overlapping coins" and found the thread I was vaguely remembering.,19467.msg81242/highlight,overlapping+coins.html#msg81237
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first off, thank you for the complement, and second thanks for the feed back! The link is super helpful and I see what you mean by the cross tile creases!

ill be sure to post what i figure out down the line.