Author Topic: Lights and banding problems?  (Read 504 times)

Hi, im a newcomer and beginner in the designer world, I'm experimenting to create my substances and ive noticed something weird. First. 1) I can't rotate my lights. I've tried to reset them, to deactivate and activate them, to move them....illumination doesn't change, which is kinda annoying.
and 2)I'm experimenting with noises and blending nodes, i haven't encountered any problem until this morning, when i started to build a new graph and I'm noticing some weird banding accross the borders of the rounded cube Texture is 2048 and 16 bpc

I know that probably these two "errors" are lack to my inexperience, to maybe some option I didn't checked or that I don't know how to proper setup this  ;D
Can anyone around here enlighten me? Thanks a lot.

Hi Hammer and welcome !  :)

I gave an answer to another user about the lighting on this thread, can you try this ?,23976.0.html

Regarding your 3D view issue, can you try to plug a normal node inside your normal output and tell me if you are still experiencing glitches ?
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Plugin a node to the normal did the trick, thanks. But why does that happen? Should I always plug a blank normal node to avoid it?

Also when I activated the environment i could rotate my lights again. Is there a way to being able to rotate without having to see the environment background? is pretty distractive.

Hi Hammer,

For now, each output has a default black value. That's why the default PBR 3D view looks like this : black color,  fully reflective (roughness = 0), non metallic ...

No matter what you are working on, you'd better plug an empty normal node in order to get a correct shading.

Regarding the environment map, in your 3D view, you can go to Environment > Edit and set the "Is Visible" flag to false. The environment will still rotate even if it's not displayed. You can change the environment map by drag & droping texture from your the default Environment Maps folder to your 3D view.

Hope it helps
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